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Here’s a great idea, that’s easy to use too!

The MPD-12 combines the ease of using a MonoMouse or ColorMouse with a large 12” screen that can be placed on a table, counter top, or hung on the wall.

Not only does it make an excellent Magnifier (M), but it also works as a Photo Frame (P) to display your favorite pictures. And it includes an over sized Digital Clock (D), hence the name MPD-12.

Place the camera onto your book, recipe, ingredients, packet, bottle, newspaper or anything else that you want to read, and enjoy clear large text on the 12” screen.

The MPD12-Mono shows the magnified text in monochrome (grayscale) while the MPD-12-Color displays the magnified text or image in full color.

MPD-12-MD allows you to read with pure white text on a black background.


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Product information

  • 12” screen with attached mouse style magnifying camera 

  • Single button operation

  • Wipe clean surfaces makes it ideal for use in a kitchen

  • Ultra light weight, hangs easily on a wall

  • Durable, CE approved, built to last

How does it work

  1. Simply press the large ON/OFF button on the remote control and start reading.

  2. Place the attached MonoMouse or ColorMouse on the surface of whatever you want to read. Even on a round surface, such as a bottle or jar, the text will be in sharp focus making it easy to read.

  3. To change to the Photo Frame, press the central function button. Press again to advance to the Digital Clock. And press again to return to the Magnifier.

  4. The Photo Frame can run all day showing your favorite photos or the MPD-12 can be left running as an oversized Digital Clock so you can very easily see what time it is.

  5. To switch off, press the large ON/OFF button anytime. 

That's it. Enjoy reading.