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  • Big 7" screen
  • Ultimate portability
  • Full color
  • Crisp, clear image
  • Non-glare screen
  • Simple, easy to use brightness and contrast controls
  • Variable optical magnification
  • Extremely easy to use
  • 4 hours battery life
  • Optional spare battery pack
  • Multi-Function - Carry it, Stand it, Lay it down
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable extended use
  • Reading, writing or just looking - it's all possible
  • Robust, CE Approved and Built to Last
  • The list goes on .................
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  2. How it works
  3. Gallery
  4. Options & Accessories
There are many different ways to use a Shoppa. For example, you can lay it on a newspaper and slide it along to read. With the camera in your hand, you can flip out the leg at the back of the Shoppa and stand it at the top of a book while reading. You can even take it to the library to assist you while choosing a book! At the supermarket, you can take a close look at boxes, bottles, jars or packets; in fact just about anything in your hand or on the shelf. At a restaurant you can relax and enjoy the menu. The Shoppa is of course great for hobbies too.

If the battery runs out of power while you are out, simply clip in the optional spare battery.

What's in the box?


Variable Magnification: To change magnification or focus, simply turn the white ring on the camera clockwise or anti-clockwise up to one full turn, as needed. Do not pull the white ring off.

How to hold the Shoppa: Hold the camera off the page or at 45 degrees to view more text or vertically for maximum magnification.
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